Ep 47 – A Bio-Parent’s Perspective on The Sex Talk

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Hi Stepparents,

Today we are continuing our conversation about sex. And I’m thrilled to welcome back my partner and Lilah’s dad, John to the show.

John was a great sport! He was very transparent about why he had several talks with his daughter about sex and why you should be doing this too. John shared the key to navigating those conversations. He also shared his 4 tips for making those conversations as productive as possible.

I’m so excited to share this conversation with all of you, so here we go …

Episode Overview

Here is the episode at a glance …

>> [1:44] Bio-parent shares his stance on talking to kids about sex
>> [2:50] John’s best advice for parents when preparing to talk to their child about sex
>> [3:30] Why John started talking to his daughter about sex at 9 years old
>> [4:26] John names the biggest issue holding parents back from talking about sex with their child
>> [6:03] The energetic atmosphere you’re creating and what to do if you freakout
>> [11:06] John’s approach when he talked to his daughter about sex
>> [13:54] Where the parent’s fears of talking about sex with their child come from
>> [17:14] Busting the sex talk myth
>> [20:30] John’s shares 3 pieces of advice for how to deal with awkwardness and strong emotions during sex talks
>> [22:18] Why sex talks need to address porn

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The Recap

Thank you so much for joining us for this conversation.  

Wow, there are so many soundbites from this conversation.

To recap we discussed …

  1. John’s perspective on talking to kids about sex
  2. How John approached conversations about sex with his daughter and how he dealt with the awkwardness in those conversations
  3. John’s advice to parents who think it’s inappropriate to talk to their kids about sex or don’t know where to begin

Action Items

Pick 1 or 2 tips to practice the next time to talk to your child or stepchild about sex. Pick a day and time to have the next sex talk with your child or stepchild to have the sex talk and use the strategies and schedule it.

Let me know how it goes! You can DM on LinkedIn @synergisticstepparenting or on FaceBook @marianatapov.

Remember it just takes practice. Which starts with choosing and committing to a small action that will move you towards your goal. From there it’s just rinse and repeat. You can do this!

Until next time, be well!

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