Helping stepparents
transform family chaos
into meaningful and
harmonious co-parenting

Maria Natapov
Stepparenting Coach &
Blended Family Strategist
Maria Natapov, Stepparenting Coach

You dove head-first into a new phase in your life … you’re a stepparent.

Your stepchild keeps you on your toes. It’s thrilling!

You deserve to be happy and proud of the family you’ve built.

You get to watch them grow into their best self, but these positive moments come with multiple obstacles … conflicting opinions and differing emotional needs.

How can you manage everyone’s demands, keep your sanity, and enjoy yourself?

Well, it’s not throwing in the towel and walking away! And it’s not about strong-arming them to do things your way.

It’s time to gain clarity about your role, define boundaries, and improve communication so that everyone feels heard and understood.

Family Fusion: 6 Steps to Collaborative Co-Parenting
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