Rapid Resolution Session

Rapid Resolution Session

90 Minutes to Clarity and
Smart Action

with Maria Natapov, Stepparenting Coach & RRT* Practitioner

These resolution sessions are perfect for removing personal obstacles in the way of clear decisions, taking smart actions and bringing the best you to your stepparenting role.

RRT* helps with:

You don’t have to suffer in silence.

Imagine … no more feeling overwhelmed and stuck.

When you invest in your well being, you spring forward.

Rapid Resolution Sessions are a great addition to my VIP Stepparenting Breakthrough program and VIP Parenting Breakthrough program (for divorced parents) where you get my PRIVATE step-by-step support to transform family chaos into meaningful and harmonious co-parenting.

Let’s do this!

Got questions? 

Book a 15-min. clarity call, today to learn how Rapid Resolution Therapy can propel you towards the life, relationships and fulfillment you crave. 



I can’t wait to meet you and see you soar in your journey!

Maria Natapov 
Stepparenting Coach & Strategist
Synergistic Stepparening

*RRT stands for Rapid Resolution Therapy, a revolutionary psychotherapeutic approach to resolving emotional and behavioral difficulties, founded by Dr. Jon Connelly.

About Maria Natapov,
Stepparenting Coach & Blended Family Strategist

Maria lives near Boston, Massachusetts with her husband, John, a landscape lighting designer and musician, and her incredible stepdaughter. When she’s not podcasting or working with clients, she’s cooking, reading, traveling or adventuring with family and friends.

Maria Natapov, Stepparenting Coach