Meet Maria Natapov

Maria Natapov, Stepparenting Coach
Maria Natapov, Stepparenting Coach

You’re diving head-first into a new and exciting chapter of your life!

It’s rich with opportunities for personal growth, creating deep life-long bonds and making a meaningful impact.

It’s amazing! And it’s terrifying!

I get it. I’ve been a stepparent for 9+ years. I built a rapport from scratch and 5 years in, she revealed that she was being abused and neglected by her mom and stepdad and came to live with us full-time. I was jolted into full-time mom mode in the blink of an eye and taking lead in establishing all of her medical, therapeutic and educational supports.

I was often overwhelmed by the abundant competing priorities and struggling to understand …

What is the next best step

As a kid of divorced immigrants, I underwent my own course to heal the aftermath of a fragmented family. Now, I’m 9+ years into being a stepparent myself. In addition, I’m trained to support neuro-diverse children and families to create positive change through behavior interventions. I understand the vital importance of healing pain and preventing further harm by establishing smart parenting support systems.

This major event in my kiddo’s life mirrored my own. I knew that my life’s purpose is to help stepparents transform their challenging responsibilities into opportunities for success and learn to thrive.

My broad personal and professional experience makes me uniquely qualified to help stepparents, like you, create joy and ease in your life. I created Synergistic Stepparenting to transform family chaos into meaningful and harmonious co-parenting.

You don’t have to do this alone!

You deserve to be supported and guided through the challenges of your journey.

And to feel held in the process.

Maria’s Professional Background and Education