Ep 46 – Confessions of a Stepdaughter – The Sex Talk

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Hi Stepparents,

Today we are continuing our conversation about sex. And I’m thrilled to welcome back to the show my step-daughter, Lilah.

Who generously let me pick her brain about the sex talk. In our case there were multiple which I strongly encourage all parents to do. Which is to have multiple sex talks and not just one throughout a child’s development.

Lilah and I will discuss why that is in this show so stay tuned. We also discuss what was most helpful about our talks, how we curbed the awkwardness, and what are the biggest issues facing teens are facing right now related to sex.

During this conversation there are times when Lilah refers to me as step-mom and other times that she refers to me as mom. I realize this may be a little bit confusing.

She shared why that is during our conversation in Episode 33 entitled Confessions of a Stepdaughter – Broken Silence: Part 1. Find the show notes for that episode at synergisticstepparenting.com/33. Check that out if you’re want to learn more about that.  

I’m thrilled to share this conversation with all of you, so here we go …

Episode Overview

Here is the episode at a glance …

>> [2:36] My step-daughter’s take on our many sex talks and why it was helpful to have them throughout her development
>> [4:53] My step-daughter identifies consent and shares a great analogy to help kids understand it
>> [6:13] 5 aspects of our sex talks my step-daughter found most helpful
>> [8:20] My stepdaughter reflects on our advice to get to know her own likes first before engaging in sexual acts with someone
>> [11:22] My stepdaughter’s misconception that sex is bad and if she has it she’s a bad person
>> [12:51] 3 things my stepdaughter says we did to help with the awkwardness of sex talks
>> [16:41] The key thing to be aware of and do to ensure a successful sex talk
>> [17:25] 2 pieces of advice my stepdaughter and I discuss to help break the ice and have an engaging sex talk
>> [20:50] How to set up a physical environment that ensures a successful sex talk

Click to listen!

The Recap

Thank you so much for tuning in to this important episode and conversation.  

I always love having Lilah on! I find that not only is she great at openly sharing her perspective and experience, but she has a real knack for breaking down complex concepts and describing them in ways that are straightforward and easy to understand.

To recap we discussed …

  1. Why it’s best to have multiple conversations about sex with your child and to start when they are young
  2. 8 Things to do to ensure that your child is comfortable, engaged and is getting value from the conversation
  3. What issues tweens and teens are dealing with most right now
  4. What parents can do to best support kids when it comes to sex

Action Items

Now pick 3 of these strategies to try during your next sex talk with your child or step-child. And put a date and time on your calendar with a reminder to make sure that you have it.

And please DM and let me know how it goes. You can find me on LinkedIn @synergisticstepparenting or on FaceBook @marianatapov.

I’d love to hear what worked and what didn’t and if you have any other questions that I can address for you.

You got this!

Until next time, be well!

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