Ep 44 – Divorce Coaching with Debra Doak and Tracy Callahan

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Hi Stepparents,

I’m excited to be joined by Debra Doak and Tracy Callahan of Divorce Coaches Academy. And if you don’t know what a divorce coach is, don’t worry friend, you’re not alone. They will share all about it so just keep listening.

Debra and Tracy are rockstar divorce coaches dedicated to their profession and ensuring quality, competence, and success within it. To that end they founded Divorce Coaches Academy to create quality training, community, and professional development for up and coming as well as established divorce coaches.

They are disruptors in the best sense of the word. And now I’m thrilled to introduce them to you …

Introducing Debra Doak and Tracy Callahan

Debra and Tracy are both committed to the profession of divorce coaching and the process of alternative dispute resolution. They are both CDC Certified Divorce Coaches®, authors, educators, and founding members of Divorce Coaches Academy, an online education platform that provides continuing education for practicing, professional divorce coaches.

Tracy is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator, serves as the Manager of the Mentor and Peer Coaching Programs for the CDC Certified Divorce Coach® certifying body, and has built her practice and reputation as an alternative dispute resolution specialist and conflict expert over the past 13 years. 

Debra is also a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®, Ohio Supreme Court trained Family Court Mediator, experienced mentor, and instructor for the High Conflict portion of the CDC Certified Divorce Coach® certification program.

Topics Covered:

We’re going to be diving into why they started the Divorce Coaches Academy, what to look for and look out for when hiring a divorce coach, and why doing divorce right is so important.

I know this will be a valuable conversation so let’s dig in …

+ What is a divorce coach?
+ Why they started the Divorce Coaches Academy
+ What to look for and look out for when hiring a divorce coach
+ The biggest casualty in a bitter divorce
+ Opportunity created through divorce
+ Top 3 things that a divorce coach can help with during your divorce process

This episode at a glance …

>>[2:58] 2 Key areas a divorce coach helps with
>>[5:16] The origin story of the Divorce Coaches Academy
>>[6:26] 4 Key things to check out when hiring a divorce coach
>>[8:27] #1 thing to steer clear of when hiring a divorce coach
>>[16:41] #1 Biggest casualty of an adversarial divorce
>>[17:12] Opportunity created by divorce
>>[19:33] 3 Key aspects a divorce coach helps with during divorce

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Thanks for joining us for this jam-packed conversation! Aren’t Debra and Tracey just fantastic? I know, it’s clear they are experts in their field. I love how they laid out all the important aspects to consider as one navigates divorce.

Things that probably don’t occur to most of us off the top of our head. But these considerations make such a huge impact on the outcome of the divorce and the family created on the other side of it.

Action Steps

To recap we discussed 3 top things a divorce coach can help you with and why it’s critical to handle these aspects right as well as generally what to look for and do as you navigate your divorce. 

If you’re currently considering divorce or are in the messy middle of divorce, I suggest that you carve out some time where you can be with your thoughts maybe with a pen and paper or your laptop. And evaluate and get clear on:

  1. Where things are at
  2. What do you need/want most?
  3. What resources are available to you (money, time, energy, assets, etc.)
  4. Are things going in a good direction towards the outcome you want?

If you’re clear on everything and the answer to #4 is “YES!”, great! But if not, I strongly suggest that you reach out to Debra and Tracy. They will have tons of valuable resources and insights for you, to be sure. And we’ll have all their links in the show notes for you.

Was this episode helpful? I’d love to hear from you. You contact me here or find me on LI or FB and shoot me a DM. I always love to hear from you!

Ok my friend, thanks for listening and wishing you a wonderful week!

Until next time, be well.

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Links to Debra and Tracy:

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