Ep 1 – How Will You Meet Your Stepchild’s Constant Demands?

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Hello stepparents, and welcome. Thanks for spending some of your time with me today. Let’s talk about constant demands, especially the physical demands your stepchild makes of you. They can take over your life!

We’ve all been there. I know I have. There’s work, work and school meetings and events, school and extracurricular pick-ups and drop-offs of step-kids (not to mention the extra pick-ups and drop-offs if you’re sharing custody with the other bio-parent), grocery shopping, making dinner, laundry, just to name a few.

Before you know it, the day is over. And you’re exhausted and frustrated that you were just putting out fires all day and handling the absolute essentials without getting to the many other have to’s. Not to mention the nice-to-do’s.

This kind of day-to-day stress is overwhelming and unsustainable.

What To Do about the Never-Ending List of Stepparenting To Do’s

Well, for me and for my clients the first step is to step away from the hectic busy-ness.

Go somewhere quiet. Maybe it’s the bedroom or maybe the bathroom … or your car. Just being somewhere without noise. Without someone needing your attention or needing something from you. And without something to have to do. After a few moments you start to notice more of what’s going on within you.

What sensations do you notice?

Are you feeling achy in your body? Is there pain or tension in your lower back, neck or shoulders?

Do you feel exhausted? Can you barely keep your eyes open?

Maybe there is tension in your chest or a knot in your stomach.

Just notice. You see, if you’re like me, so often you are running around like a chicken with its head cut off doing ALL. THE. THINGs. which takes away the space and keeps you from noticing how you’re feeling and what you might need at any given moment. So, I strongly urge you to take just a few minutes to:

  1. Stop.
  2. Get away.
  3. Get curious and notice.

It’s a gift!

Do this for just a few minutes each day. Better still … find a few minutes 2-3 times a day to do this.

Creating this space for yourself not only allows you to be more aware of what is going on within you, but it allows you to form a great habit as well.

By giving yourself a few moments of intentional reprieve, you are also creating a better relationship with yourself.

I’ll leave you with this …

You give your time, energy and attention to so many things and people on an everyday basis. Don’t you deserve just a tiny bit of that yourself? How can you forge a relationship with anyone if you never take the time to listen to them?

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