Ep 66 – “Becoming Flawesome” with Kristina Mand-Lakhiani

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Hey Stepparents,

It’s common knowledge that society creates roles you are expected to play, whether based on your gender, your job, or other stereotypes that put you in a box.  Today we’re speaking with Kristina Mand-Lakhiani about navigating your multi-faceted nature to embrace your whole self.

Kristina will be talking about her new book, expected to drop any minute, called “Becoming Flawesome,” where she shares the journey of her personal transformation on the path to happiness. Find the show notes for this episode at synergisticstepparenting.com/66.

In this episode we explore how much we are bombarded by expectations, social roles and stereotypes surrounding women, how Kristina’s book came to be, and what it means to be happy with your life.

Get comfortable and settle in for this conversation as Kristina and I explore authenticity and finding the mysterious and highly-coveted happiness through self-acceptance.

Introducing Christina:

For over 19 years, Kristina has been actively involved in the personal transformation industry, collaborating with renowned thinkers and teachers in consciousness, relationships, human performance, and life optimization.

Her journey began in Estonia, her birthplace, where she worked for the government before transitioning to the non-profit sector. Throughout her career, Kristina contributed her expertise to esteemed organizations such as the United Nations, Oxfam, and AIESEC.

In 2003, Kristina co-founded Mindvalley, a global school dedicated to providing transformational education across all age groups. This platform has empowered countless individuals to unlock their true potential and lead fulfilling lives.

Recognizing the importance of reaching diverse audiences, Kristina spearheaded the launch of Mindvalley Russian in 2009, bringing Mindvalley’s best authors and teachings to the Russian-speaking market thus extending the platform to a broader audience.

As an accomplished author, Kristina penned the highly acclaimed book, “Live By Your Own Rules.” This 30-day optimal learning quest serves as a comprehensive guide to transformation, enabling readers to embrace their authentic selves, comprehend their multi-dimensional nature, and cultivate an extraordinary life filled with happiness and purpose.

Her dedication to personal growth, combined with her entrepreneurial spirit and philanthropic endeavors, embodies a holistic approach to making a positive difference in the world.

So without further ado, here we go …

Topics Covered:

>> [4:08] How much we are bombarded by expectations

>> [5:30] The contradictory social roles women play

>> [7:10] Stereotypes of women in the entertainment industry

>> [9:04] How the book came to be

>> [17:21] Sharing her story and perspective

>> [19:33] What does it mean to be happy with your life?

Thank you for joining us for this conversation. I was moved by the way Kristina so poignantly described her experience and named the struggles that I’ve faced as a woman as well as common dichotomies that we encounter every day. And I hope that this conversation was helpful and clarifying for you as well.

The Recap:

To recap, we discussed…

  1. How much we are bombarded by expectations.
  2. The social roles and stereotypes surrounding women
  3. How Christina’s book came to be
  4. What it means to be happy with your life

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Action Items:

I hope his conversation has inspired you to tune in to your own needs as Kristina was describing.

I invite you to find 5 minutes in your day to be alone in a quiet place to reflect – Are you living your life in a way that feels good to you? Are you listening to your own desires?

Even if you do this for just 5 minutes every day for a week or just a few times a week, you’ll gain powerful insights from the exercise. Making the space and time for this is a powerful step that often quickly creates more peace and harmony. So I hope you to give yourself this beautiful gift.

Be sure to go check out Kristina’s book “Becoming Flawesome” and programs and browse her multitude of resources. You can find those links in the show notes under links to Kristina.

If you’re struggling in your blended family or stepparenting role, please schedule a discovery call at synergisticstepparenting.com/work. I’d love to help you gain clarity around what’s getting in the way and next best steps to create the second family dynamics you want.

Until next time, be well!

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Links to Kristina

Grab a free chapter from “Becoming Flawesome” and get the book here: https://taplink.cc/kristinamand

Check out Kristina’s resources here: https://kristinamand.com/

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