Ep 64 – Making Safe Choices with Carrie

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Hey Stepparents,

Happy New Year!

I’ve been out unexpectedly with a bad cold and some medical issues preventing me from producing the valuable content that I aim to provide you with every week.

So, I’ve taken the time to tend to my well-being and have some great episodes lined up for you. We have special guests sharing their insights and resources and addressing topics that don’t get enough attention.

Today’s conversation is no exception with returning special guest, Carrie from Beating Disaster. She’s back to discuss how to make and follow through on choices around safety. Find the show notes for this episode at synergisticstepparenting.com/64.

We explore how to make choices around safety related to an environment and in different types of relationships; the danger of assigning labels to people; what to do before leaving a relationship or a situation; and the importance of being where you’re at.

Take a load of and join us for this conversation as Carrie and I explore the ins and outs of having safety and how to ensure you have it.

Introducing Carrie

Carrie is a mother and dedicated defense and violence prevention expert. She is a lead instructor for Beating Disaster, a Detroit-based, mom-owned specialty school offering the Mama Bear PREPARED online course. She also offers in-person and online coaching and training on prevention, protection and defense specifically for mothers.

Her journey began almost 25 years ago in martial arts. Unfortunate life experiences led to her passion for teaching karate which evolved into the study of violence prevention, psychology, communication and even bodyguard training to better prepare and empower women and children to avoid and escape the real dangers of the world.

After working in the self-defense industry for over a decade, she discovered a glaring problem: poor information directed towards terror-stricken mothers. Her efforts transitioned into ensuring moms have access to what they really need to know to keep them and their kids safe as well as confidently raise their children to be PREPARED to thrive in today’s world. 

Though she still enjoys teaching Kenpo karate, most of her time is spent furthering her learning, sharing information with private groups and at conferences, providing various forms of self-defense and related training, or giving personal instruction and coaching for families with specific safety-related concerns.

Here we go …

Topics Covered:

>> [3:15] Recognizing and giving yourself permission to follow through on the best choice
>> [4:40] The fastest way to make a shift
>> [9:38] What happens when you put labels on people
>> [12:20] Don’t exit relationships prematurely
>> [17:51] Being where you’re at
>> [20:17] The ripple effect of changing themes in your life

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Thank you for coming with us in this conversation as we delved into the components around identifying and creating safety in our environment and relationships.

With the many demands that others put on us, it’s critical to learn how to identify our values and ensure to uphold them in our response.

The Recap

To recap, we discussed …

  1. Safety in the environment and in different relationships
  2. The danger of assigning labels to people
  3. Make sure you do this before leaving a relationship or a situation
  4. The importance of being where you’re at

I am grateful to Carrie for underscoring what contributes to these delicate dynamics and the need to clearly identify our part.

Action Items

If you find yourself frustrated or unsafe in a relationship or environment, evaluate: What is the root of the issue? Identify: What exact outcome do you want to have? Get crystal clear on what your part in the equation is. Be as specific as possible when answering each of these questions.

Decide, do you need to refine and get clarity on this concept a few times before putting it into action? Or are you ready to move forward right away?

Then set a time on the calendar to put this plan into action by discussing it with the person involved. Be sure to include the person you’ll be speaking with in choosing the time for the conversation.

Remember, if you’re new at doing this work, it won’t be easy the first time around. But it will be so worth it! The more you build these muscles, the easier it will become and the better your life is going to get.

Check out the links to Carrie’s resources. You can find those links in the show notes under links to Carrie. Choose one thing to focus on and commit to to make progress and create alignment, safety and peace of mind.

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Until next time, be well!

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